Notice of Lake District Fees and Membership

McDill Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District under its bylaws of incorporation has the following criteria for membership: Membership in the Lake District shall be open to any individual, family, business, or organization, that (a) subscribes to the purposes of the Lake District and (b) owns or leases property within one mile of the lake for which the Lake District was incorporated. This includes all parcels that are waterfront and underwater in the McDill Pond 264 acre mapped area.

Lake District fees for 2023 are $380 per year per parcel. A special assessment was added in August 2021 of $5314.41 for the dredging project. Members of the lake district were allowed to pay up front by 8/30/21, or be subject to split of the payment on the property tax bill over 15 years including interest. All members within the lake district are billed on their tax bill for the year the lake district fees and special assessments. Lake district fees are considered a tax and are not optional under state statutes to the membership of the lake district. The lake district is not responsible for settling of real estate transactions in regards to the assessments which should be handled between buyer and seller. The lake district also has the right to include new property that falls into the lake district’s article of incorporation if land is subdivided or sold off from former government ownership.